3-month package - Jessica
Immerse yourself in a comprehensive coaching experience designed to redefine and elevate your leadership capabilities. Over three transformative months, you'll engage in a deeply personalized journey, meticulously crafted to unlock your full leadership potential.

This package includes:
- A thorough Discovery & Goal Setting Session to lay a strong foundation for your growth.
- Weekly intensive 1-hour coaching sessions focusing on advanced leadership skills, strategic thinking, and high-performance habits.
- Customized action plans and real-world exercises to apply learning in practical scenarios.
- Regular feedback and accountability check-ins, ensuring continuous progress and adaptation.
- An exclusive focus on mastering time management, delegation, prioritization, and effective communication.
- A deep dive into building trust and influence within your team and across your organization.
- Bonus: Private Voxer support is available during EST business hours.
- Bonus: The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is designed to help you discover how to assess your strengths, identify areas for development and lead from a place of purpose.

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