Introducing Jessica Rosario, a powerhouse Certified Executive Coach and Business Strategist committed to empowering leaders and business owners to unlock their full potential and create thriving businesses. With over 24 years of experience in the financial industry, Jessica’s exceptional leadership skills and dedication to fostering high-performance cultures have propelled success and growth throughout her career.

As a Certified Executive Coach and Business Strategist, Jessica holds certification from iPEC and is a Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership Index (ELI). She specializes in high-performance leadership, productivity enhancement, time management, cultivating high-performing habits, strategic planning, and prioritization.

Jessica is passionate about empowering leaders and business owners within the Power Player Academy community to unlock their true potential and achieve their goals. Through her unique coaching approach, she leverages her expertise in high-performance leadership to support individuals in navigating challenges, optimizing their productivity, and executing effective strategies for success.

With Jessica as your guide, you’ll harness the power of energy leadership, cultivate high-performing habits, and develop strategic plans to propel your business forward. Jessica is committed to providing unwavering support and guidance as you embark on your transformative journey towards lasting success.


Effective Leader - 5 Sessions

The Effective Leader Bundle includes 5 private 1-hour coaching sessions focused on enhancing your leadership skills. These sessions are perfect for leaders looking for rapid improvement in areas such as accountability, productivity, time management, and team dynamics. You'll gain valuable tools and insights to elevate your leadership and drive success in your organization. (Prices in USD - must use 5 sessions within 3 months)

Effective Leader - 10 Sessions

The Effective Leader Bundle offers 10 private 1-hour coaching sessions, each tailored to your individual leadership goals. Building on the outcomes of each session, you’ll receive strategic guidance and action steps. These sessions are designed to deepen your leadership skills, enhance team trust, and improve organizational influence. Embark on this journey to unlock your full leadership potential and make a lasting impact in your professional life. (Prices in USD - must use 10 sessions within 6 months)

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive coaching experience designed to redefine and elevate your leadership capabilities. Over three transformative months, you’ll engage in a deeply personalized journey, meticulously crafted to unlock your full leadership potential.

This package includes:

  • A thorough Discovery & Goal Setting Session to lay a strong foundation for your growth.
  • Weekly intensive 1-hour coaching sessions focusing on advanced leadership skills, strategic thinking, and high-performance habits.
  • Customized action plans and real-world exercises to apply learning in practical scenarios.
  • Regular feedback and accountability check-ins, ensuring continuous progress and adaptation.
  • An exclusive focus on mastering time management, delegation, prioritization, and effective communication.
  • A deep dive into building trust and influence within your team and across your organization.
  • Bonus: Private Voxer support is available during EST business hours.
  • Bonus: The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is designed to help you discover how to assess your strengths, identify areas for development and lead from a place of purpose.

Emerge as a visionary leader, equipped with the skills and mindset to effectively lead and inspire your team, driving impactful results and fostering a thriving business environment.

Investment: $3,997 USD